Why Switch To Engage

The Engage Property Difference 

Engage Property is a Property Management Specialist located in Belmont servicing the Greater Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Regions, delivering clients with professional and effective service.

We understand that a property investor’s main concerns are primarily these main four things:

  1. Quality Tenants
  2. No Rent Arrears
  3. Regular Routine Inspections
  4. Communication

Engage Property will deliver on these 4 and more, and will maximise your profit while doing so.

With extensive experience in the property management field, Engage Property specialise in residential property management and commercial leasing. This means that all of our resources, capabilities and internal processes are focused towards ensuring our property investors receive the best possible service and return on their investment.

Over our 10+ years of operation, we have developed a highly systemised property management approach that ensures the best interests of the property investor and tenant are kept at the forefront at all times.  Our dedicated account manager is the business owner and also a landlord, with a complete understanding of the importance of the financial trust placed upon us in the handling of your property investment funds. Our internal processes are detailed, informative and transparent, allowing us to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Quality Tenants

Our large portfolio and extensive experience enables us to find 5 star tenants for your property that meet our most important criteria – Keep a well maintained property and pay rent on time.

The more properties you have, the more selection you can offer. Our database is extensive and where possible, we look to give priority to our 5 star tenants, as we know they can be trusted.


Pro-Active Property Managers

Though our innovative property management software our property managers are mobile and able to access all information via their digital devices. In addition to regular scheduled inspections, your property manager will constantly monitor your property through drive by checks to ensure the property is presented to a high standard.


At Engage Property, we pride ourselves on our open communication and transparency.  We pride ourselves on the level of service offered to all of our landlords, and though our innovative property management software we are able to provide all property owners with 24 hour access to their records, invoices, statements and lease details.

Team Work

At Engage Property, we believe that our investors deserve the whole team as one working for them. From reception through to the business owners all staff are available to assist at any time. This enables us to build relationships with our owners and tenants alike, ensuring that each client receives the personal attention they deserve.